Its The Way You Say ItIt’s the Way You Say It
Becoming Articulate, Well-spoken and Clear

by Carol Fleming, Ph.D

It’s The Way You Say It is the first comprehensive guide for speech and voice improvement, offering practical guidance and encouragement for the general public from the experience of a Ph.D. speech pathologist. It tells the stories of people who sought help for their concerns, people like you who cared about the impression they made by the way they spoke. While many books out there on communication will tell you what to say, few address how to say it, and even fewer will help you learn how to work specifically with your speech and your voice.

  • No other skills will position you ahead of your competition as much as good speaking and presentation skills. No book approaches the depth and breadth of Dr. Carol Fleming It’s The Way You Say It.–Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Keynote Speaker, Executive Speech Coach

  • Dr. Fleming's book is concise, direct and to the point, with lots of personal stories form her experiences to make a lively reading experience. It’s The Way You Say It has a more serious purpose, some real depth and the benefit of years of her experience in vocal development and communication training. Reading her book is like having a conversation with an author who has keen insight into the human condition, and willingness – eagerness – to share her knowledge. Enthusiasm for the human condition runs through her stories, which are case histories of problems in human communication.–Reader Testimonial

  • Dr. Fleming's book is a revelation. What she does is so far beyond what you think of as speech therapy as to be a whole 'nother world.  She acts like a Minister of Communication, in the religious, not the governmental sense of the word. In this book she shows you how to present yourself, to show yourself off to best advantage.  Her book is concise, direct and to the point, with lots of personal stories from her experience to make a lively reading experience. Tight, spare and engaging, with useful stories and clear instructions.–Reader Testimonial

As you communicate with people, they come to know you both as an individual and as a professional person. The only way that people can sense your intelligence and professionalism is through the effectiveness of your communication: what they hear you say, the attitude that is perceived, and the very sound of your voice. Professional communication is important to people in every line of work. While your expertise and skills are, of course, essential, it is your personal verbal communication that transmits your expertise and confidence to other people.

  • Have You Always Wanted To Improve Your Voice And Command A Strong Presence?
  • Do You Think The Way You Talk Is Important To Your Business And Social Success?
  • Would Your Ultimate Success In Life Be Strongly Influenced By The Strength Of Your Voice And Confidence?
  • Are You Looking For Valuable Tips To Solve Specific Voice Problems?
  • Do You Want To Overcome Stage Fright?

Each chapter provides information in an objective yet inspiring manner:

  • Part 1: Assessing Your Voice
  • Part 2: Resolving Specific Problems
  • Part 3: Developing a Dynamic Voice
  • Part 4: Becoming Well-Spoken
  • Part 5: Unifying Your Verbal and Nonverbal Messages
  • Part 6: Let’s Talk Business!

The book can be purchased from Amazon and the following Book Stores in San Francisco, California:

  • Alexander Book Co., 50, 2nd Street,San Francisco
  • Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd, Corte Madera and 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco
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Dr. Carol Fleming holds a M.A. and Ph.D. from Northwestern University, she is a communications coach in private practice since 1980 and author of the best-selling series The Sound of Your Voice and The Serious Business of Small Talk. She specializes in vocal development and communication training and brings her unique knowledge and skills to the speaking needs of individual and corporate clients.