What Jay said about my book, “It’s the Way You Say It”

Guest Blog Posting by Jay Conner, Richmond, California

I know Carol Fleming personally, and am vaguely familiar with her work. I’ve never been a client, but I knew she was in speech therapy.

Her book, however, is a revelation. What she does is so far beyond what you think of as speech therapy as to be a whole ‘nother world, She acts like a ...

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How can a book improve your communication?

How can a book improve your communication?  There are two ways, you can read it or you can put it on your head.

Actually there is only one book to read that will really be helpful for the wide array of communication needs of the modern world and that book is the one I wrote; It’s the Way You Say It: Becoming Articulate, Well-spoken and Clear. See below.

The book ...

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