It’s The Way You Say It: Becoming Articulate, Well-spoken and Clear

I am looking at the most beautiful book I have ever seen.

I wrote it….and it’s about you.

  • You were concerned about the impression you made by your speech during job interviews.
  • People said that you did not ‘get to the point’.
  • You had to give a speech and were terrified.
  • Your boss said you sounded immature.
  • You wanted a deeper, richer and better voice.
  • You often had to ...
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It’s The Way You Say It

It’s the Way You Say It ….. but you knew that, didn’t  you?

You’ve noticed that words are not the only players in our speaking.  Talking turns out to be a pretty complex behavior.  We are excellent analyzers of communication in other people, not so good for ourselves.  Helping people understand and modify their impact has been a life’s work for me.  Soon that work will be available to you in ...

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