The Freedom of Speech

Christopher Hitchens, the iconoclastic journalist, died of esophageal cancer this December 17.  With the death of this man, we have lost a great voice indeed.  Here are some words he wrote for us in the June issue of Vanity Fair. Their salience for me will be apparent; I hope they speak to you, too.

In the medical literature, the vocal “cord” is a mere “fold,” a piece of gristle that strives ...

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The Artists


You’ve all heard of the importance of nonverbal communication. But have you ever wondered if it is all that it’s cracked up to be? Let me give you the evidence shown in the new film, The Artist.

  • It is a ‘silent movie’ that allows you to experience how much meaning – both broad and subtle – there is to be had without words.
  • Oh ...
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Getting to Know the Sound of Your Voice

To listen to the blog posting in Audio, please click here —- Getting to Know The Sound of Your Voice

Do you want to know the impression you make by the way you speak?

I can help you do it in a way that won’t cost you a dime.

But, do I believe you will actually do this? No. So prove me wrong!

What to do:

Create a time for you and few (same sex) friends to get together around a good recording ...

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The Secret of a Good Speech

I received this thank you note from a client:

Dear Carol, Lovely accolades after my speech and I did want to send you a thank you note!  To be able to present my thoughts in a way that pleased me was a very happy moment. Not a word was shared about the how and why of it, but you and I know! Sending best thoughts and warmest thanks to you! ...

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