Breathing RIGHT

Let’s say you are trying to improve your voice and someone tells you to “Take a nice deep breath of air”. Do you vigorously elevate your shoulders and audibly inhale? If the answer is ‘yes”, then you are breathing WRONG.

You have ...

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Speaking with the Listener in Mind

In public speaking, the listener/audience is foremost in the mind of the successful speaker, influencing:

  • your content and the way it is organized,
  • level of vocabulary,
  • the appropriateness of any humor,
  • the use of stories,
  • rate of speaking,and
  • volume, to name just a few.

It truly is “The Way You Say It”, that will determine if ...

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It’s The Way You Say It

It’s the Way You Say It ….. but you knew that, didn’t  you?

You’ve noticed that words are not the only players in our speaking.  Talking turns out to be a pretty complex behavior.  We are excellent analyzers of communication in other people, not so good for ourselves.  Helping people understand ...

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