5 Steps to Develop a Charming Voice that’s Sexy

This article originally appeared on Tower of Power: Build Friends and Influence People

Does this sound familiar?

People have trouble hearing my voice when there’s any kind of noise.

When I try to talk louder, I end up with a sore throat. I sound raspy and flat on my voice-mail.

I need to be able to project when I give oral reports, so people don’t interrupt with, “Can’t hear you!” or “Speak up!”

I want to have a voice people call rich, resonant, ...

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The Freedom of Speech

Christopher Hitchens, the iconoclastic journalist, died of esophageal cancer this December 17.  With the death of this man, we have lost a great voice indeed.  Here are some words he wrote for us in the June issue of Vanity Fair. Their salience for me will be apparent; I hope they speak to you, too.

In the medical literature, the vocal “cord” is a mere “fold,” a piece of gristle that strives ...

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Amazing Grace

It was Grace that taught my heart to hear…

I know! I know…now.  I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention when the second verse of “Amazing Grace” rolled through my life. When I checked the lyrics of the song, before writing this, I found out that Grace was to teach my heart to fear.

It didn’t work that way for me. Thank heavens.

While it is true that people come to ...

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Kindly speech

This story takes place in a lovely care-taking facility that anyone would like to have as their residence when they age and become dependent.

The little old lady in a pink chenille robe stood in the hallway of the nursing home. Her face twisted in anguish as she proclaimed to the attendant, “Somebody stole my glasses! They were right there and somebody just took them!”

What did ...

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