5 Steps to Develop a Charming Voice that’s Sexy

This article originally appeared on Tower of Power: Build Friends and Influence People

Does this sound familiar?

People have trouble hearing my voice when there’s any kind of noise.

When I try to talk louder, I end up with a sore throat. I sound raspy and flat on my voice-mail.

I need to be able to project when I give oral reports, so people don’t interrupt with, “Can’t hear you!” or “Speak up!”

I want to have a voice people call rich, resonant, ...

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Amazing Grace

It was Grace that taught my heart to hear…

I know! I know…now.  I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention when the second verse of “Amazing Grace” rolled through my life. When I checked the lyrics of the song, before writing this, I found out that Grace was to teach my heart to fear.

It didn’t work that way for me. Thank heavens.

While it is true that people come to ...

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The Artists


You’ve all heard of the importance of nonverbal communication. But have you ever wondered if it is all that it’s cracked up to be? Let me give you the evidence shown in the new film, The Artist.

  • It is a ‘silent movie’ that allows you to experience how much meaning – both broad and subtle – there is to be had without words.
  • Oh ...
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Finding the sound of your voice

Everybody has a musical instrument and it doesn’t cost a thing.  It is your voice. Nothing on earth matches it for range, power, variety, and expressiveness. You undoubtedly use it for speaking, but are you singing?  You should be.  We live in a sonorous universe, all matter vibrates, and all creatures sing their songs. How about you?

All god’s ...

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