The Artists


You’ve all heard of the importance of nonverbal communication. But have you ever wondered if it is all that it’s cracked up to be? Let me give you the evidence shown in the new film, The Artist.

  • It is a ‘silent movie’ that allows you to experience how much meaning – both broad and subtle – there is to be had without words.
  • Oh ...
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How communication is supposed to work

You are going to give some important information to someone; perhaps an instruction or constructive criticism. You, the source, just open your mouth, articulate your message and it transmits to the receptive listener, right? Communication complete!, you think.

Pictured above is the dreamscape of perfect, unhindered message transmission.  Isn’t it wonderful?  It is also rare.

You tell somebody to ...

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Do You Have a Welcoming Voice?

Let’s imagine you are giving a party and want to make a welcoming speech to your guests. What would you do? Probably all of the following:

  • Stand where you are most visible to the people
  • Project your voice out to the whole group so you are easily heard
  • Try to make eye-contact with many of the guests
  • Have a pleasant expression on your face and a melody in your voice
  • Make them feel comfortable ...
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How Professionalism is impacting your job search!

We need to understand what professionalism means.   It is as simple as one-two-three.


As a consumer yourself, wouldn’t you lose confidence:

  • If the office of your financial advisor was piled with dog-eared, personal stuff?
  • If an attorney had slurred speech or a flat voice?
  • If a restaurant waiter appeared poorly groomed?

These are all breeches in personal professionalism and the individual will ...

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