Steve Jobs also gave a speech

Speaking of Steve Jobs, as we all are, I want to draw your attention away from his colossal achievements in digital communications to his legacy in verbal communication.  Rather than tell you about it, I ask you to read or listen to

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement address

Then I suggest you scroll around and read about his impact on the people who have heard this speech.

Ask yourself, what makes this 15 minute speech so very remarkable? How do you answer that question?

For myself, I am struck that a billionaire genius told stories about

1. dropping out of college

2. getting fired from his own company, Apple

3. facing cancer and death

I see a man who took this commencement opportunity to reach deeply into himself and produce the greatest truths of living that he could offer.

  • The authenticity is unmistakable.
  • The message is bone clear in its simplicity.
  • We hear him speak from humility and love.

A student, Kjerstin Erickson, said: “It was about the inevitability and unavoidability of death — and the importance of putting yourself out there, at risk, for humanity,… Because what else, really, is there?”

He was a leader in uniting the world in digital communication and a model of drilling deep into his own personal meaning to share with this world. Genius or no,  you can follow the lead of Jobs and search for your own inner truth, find its simple expression, and share with others in an attitude of  humble service.

What else, really, is there?


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