The advantages of a sexy voice

Let’s say you are the biggest bullfrog in the pond. .. Because you are the largest frog your voice (croak, mating call) will have a lower pitch than that of the other males. You will croak to let the lady frogs know where you are and they will be driven mad with desire by the sound of your deep froggy voice.  The lady frogs will make their way to you, for clearly, you are the alpha male in this pond.

BUT the other male frogs who have the less compelling voice, know about the drawing power of this lower voice and use it to their own advantage.  They position themselves around the Big Frog and lie in wait for the ladies who are approaching him.  They nab a passing female and try to become a parent.

While this approach probably does not provide useful guidance for the gentlemen reading this blog, it does confirm that the lower voice in the male has certain advantages. If you examine the relative pitch levels of the parent and the infant in any species, you will find that the parent has the lower voice. Now imagine the voices of the predator and the prey. Same difference. The lower voice communicates size, power and, maturity. Ladies do find this to be sexy.

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