How I Listen to The Sound of Your Voice

What is the impression you make by the way you speak?  I ask myself that when you sit across the table from me in my office.  You have come to gain some understanding of your communication patterns and I bring my professional background and years of experience to help you do just that.

When I am first meeting a client, I will consciously drop my awareness from concentrating just on their words and their intended message in order to be maximally receptive to more dimensions of their communication.

As you come in the door, I try to become a ‘blank slate’ on which you write your presence. I try, knowing I will never be completely neutral, but I will try to observe with the kindest part of my self. If there is something that keeps nagging at me, I assume it will catch the attention of others and distract from the communication relationship.  I will have to address the topic. What I observe are all the things that you can see in other people, what the person is trying to see in the mirror, and what they don’t know they are doing when they talk. So I see the nervous gestures, the unconscious habits.

And I must listen. I invite my intuition, I listen to the words with my mind and I hear the message with my heart.  I give undivided attention to you. This is total and deliberate listening that lets you be heard in the deepest possible way. What I have received and accepted, I can reflect  back to you (as best I can), so you, too, can listen to your whole self– mind, body, soul and heart. You see, there is more to your speaking than your voice and articulation! Perhaps I can help you see – and hear- more of you.

It is likely that you are thinking that there are tics and twitches, uhms and ‘likes’ to be discovers. Yes, there is always that.  But it is not uncommon for a person to observe, “I’m a lot better than I thought I was”, after hearing the recording I have made of our interview.

Whatever we find as we talk together, it is sure to bring you closer to yourself; to hear yourself outside your own head, and to see yourself beyond the mirror. It is a singular experience for both of us as you adventure beyond your confines and I lose myself in you.

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